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Photographing In York

Im lucky to live very close to York, Only 7 miles out of the city centre in a small village called Stremnsall. I did use to live in the city centre which made it even more easy to photograph when. I would often just go in to the city when I had spare time to use. 

Photography in York can be quite difficult at times mainly because its tourist central in North Yorkshire, everyone wants to visit the magnificent York Minster and who can blame them. I dont mind people in the shots I make but say when it comes to photographing the Shambles or Stonegate and there is a huge herd of people in the shot a lot of detail is lost. This is one reason I like to shoot in low light or dusk. Many people have gone home by this time in the summer months (forget winter its chokablock) and I much prefer the light at this time. The ambience is so much nicer. Street lighting gives a wonderful atmosphere in the streets, couple that with cobbled streets and old style gas lanterns and you can create some very nice Dickensian feeling to an image.  

the shambles (1 of 1).jpg

York medieval walls is a great place to walk round and get some very interesting compositions. Whether your looking at the Minster or getting a look over the rooftops of the houses and looking in to the gardens of the inner city Hotels and restaurants there will always be something to make a nice composition.   

York city walls are excellent for a nice composition. 

York city walls are excellent for a nice composition. 

York bridges are also a great subject for a composition. Again low light dusk and early morning are the  times I prefer. The four main bridges of York are Lendal, Ouse, Skeldergate and the Millennium Bridge. It is also worthwhile taking time to shoot the old style street lanterns, as  in Spring and Summer they are adorned with stunning flower displays. Shooting these at night is also interesting as the light they produce is a warm light and not one of a daylight colour balance. Traffic also crossing the bridges is a great way to get some added interest using long exposures to make trailing lights.  

An early morning on the river Ouse to capture the reflections.

An early morning on the river Ouse to capture the reflections.


If there is one thing everyone want to photograph in the city of York it is the Minster. There are literally hundreds of places to photograph the cathedral from and I do have my favorites some of which hardly anyone knows to go. Precentors Court is my favourite place. It is a very old street lined with a row of houses with a lovely cobbled street lit by old fashioned Victorian style gas lamps. The only thing spoiling the atmosphere here are the double yellow lines. Love it or hate it the clone tool in Photoshop can help fix that problem. Shoot in monochrome for a whole different feel and your kind of taken back in time.  

york minster (1 of 1).jpg
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