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Misty Woodland

local woodland walk (1 of 1)-4.jpg

Hens Teeth

Hens teeth, that’s how rare these misty conditions have seemed to me over the last few months, well I have been moving around the country somewhat; so maybe I have been dodging it.
A visit back home for Christmas and the day after boxing Day I awoke with a greeting of the mystical magic stuff when I opened my curtains. Just to make sure I wasn’t seeing things after indulging in a few kronenbourgs the night before I rubbed my eyes just to be sure. This was it, just what I’d been waiting for some mystical mist. Grabbing my gear I was out of my front door faster than a rat up a drain pipe. 

On arrival at my local woodlands I was met with more than perfect conditions, not too much mist and just enough to let the distant background fall off in a dreamy soft blanket of tranquility. 

It wasn’t long before my eyes latched on to my first composition. It was the contrast of brown and green that caught my eye. Natural light,shade and pine needles had created this wonderful shape on the forest floor. 
Composition wise I used the bottom of the frame to create the foreground interest where I’d hope to draw first attention to the contrasting grass. Next I felt the natural ’S’ shape leads you into the forest and the next focal point of the Japanese Larch on the left third of the frame and then into the soft dreamy tranquil distance. 

It’s not often conditions arise like this and one has to make every effort to make use and be ready to spring into action.

I have been sitting on this image for three weeks trying to see how best to understand the picture. I feel by writing my emotional experience helps me focus on why and how something works graphically. 

I hope you enjoy the image as much as I did making it.