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Landscape Photography Workshop

Mark Bulmer Landscape photography 1 to 1 and small group workshop landscape photography classes.

The Shambles York

York Photography Workshops

Late afternoon to evening workshops in York with Lightroom editing. Up to 4 people per session. Photographing York in the best hours of the day the Blue Hour. Meeting at York Minster we can have a quick chat on what you or the group would like to concentrate on before moving off to make some images. This is open to anyone interested in photographing York. I will take you to the best locations I have found over the years photographing in the city. We can then sit down later throughout the session to edit your images in one of the many bars and bistros this great city has. If you are on holiday in York you will have some great images to share with your friends and family instantly. Please check for availability and times due to changes in sunset times throughout the year.  The cost of my time and knowledge is £80. This will be for roughly 5 hours of making and taking great images of this beautiful city. You will come away from this short action packed session with great images and know how to make them and apply the techniques I have adapted to my style over a long period of time. 

One To One Tutorial

One to One tutorials are exactly what it says on the tin. I offer you my full attention and support throughout the day. Depending on the time of year we start at dawn, either on the Yorkshire coast or further inland, this all depends on the weather at the time, I will however be keeping an eye out on the conditions and the forecasts for the day. We meet up in a convenient place and take it from there. After the days shooting we edit the images and I show you how I use Lightroom and Photoshop to quickly edit my Raw files in the comfort of my van or over a drink in the pub. 


Group Tutorials

I can take up to 4 individuals for a group workshop. A maximum of 4 photographers will allow me to spend time with individuals so everyone can work at their own pace. 

Whats Involved

         Tutorials are a great way to fast track your way in to getting those amazing images you see           in magazines and on the internet.

  • I will show you my workflow of how I obtain my images.  From composition to camera setings and editing the raw file. I will go through the reasons I choose to frame my chosen subject using composition tools. Where to focus which aperture is best to use, focal length (wide or long) shutter speed and ISO.
  • I will then go through how we balance high contrast shots with the use of graduated neutral density filters and how to use polarising filters to reduce glare and increase saturation.  
  • A.E.B or Auto Exposure Bracketing. I use this technique often. Where a graduated filter is inappropriate the best way is to bracket your exposures where you take 2 or more shots and blend them together in post processing.  
  • How to use Neutral Density filters such as Big Stoppers to reduce light on to the sensor therefore increasing the length of the exposure to create visual effects of movement.
  • Editing the final RAW file. I shoot RAW only.  I prefer to be in control of my final image. I show you how I do this in Lightroom and Photoshop 
  • I have a good selection of photography locations so I can take you to some very interesting places in which to practice our craft. This is also useful because if the weather light and conditions are not favourable for one area then another will be. 


A half day tutorial is £150 and this can be either from dawn to the afternoon or afternoon to sunset. This will be 8 hours. My personal advice if you only require a half day is to go for an afternoon which gives you time to learn my approach and techniques before we hopefully get the last shots of the day when the light is at its best. A full day tutorial is £260 shooting from dawn to dusk where I will quickly go through my approach before sunrise, then we can take out time throughout the day learning at a steady pace ready for the evening light. Both full day and half day workshops will include lightroom editing. A 20% discount will be applied to group workshops for 2 or more people. Workshops take place in the North York Moors and meeting points can be arranged. I am happy to travel elsewhere but additional costs for travel may be necessary.